Website Audit

To compete effectively on the internet you need to ensure your website works not just functionally but visually, ethically and strategically. Your website needs to be accessible, usable and dependable for all visitors. It needs to conform to minimum industry standards at the very least, and it needs to degrade gracefully in older browsers.

website auditOur website audit will ask and answer the following questions:

  • How quickly does your site load? 
  • How does your site look to visually impaired/colour blind viewers? 
  • Is your site accessible and does it meet legal requirements?
  • Is your site user friendly and usable by all?
  • Does your site validate to W3C and WCAG/WAI standards? 
  • Are there spelling mistakes on your website? 
  • Are there any broken links or code errors? 
  • Does your site display correctly in all browsers with no layout issues or scripting errors?

The website audit includes a 130 checkpoint analysis along with explanations for each checkpoint and a prioritised action plan.

We will identify any issues or errors that are causing problems for visitors and provide you with support and advice on how to fix these errors yourself/in-house to save money.

We can also carry out log file analysis during this audit, as well as user tracking and video tracking if requested.

Can you afford not to have a website audit?

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