Marketing Audit

marketing auditPeople expect much more from a website than they ever have before. Your website needs to work for you as a marketing and branding tool, not against you. If your website is not 100% effective as a sales tool, then you are under achieving and your competitors are benefiting from your inability to attract and keep your customers loyal to your brand.

A marketing audit will look at your website and evaluate it's effectiveness at turning visitors in to customers and customers in to loyal customers.

Are you maximising on every opportunity the internet can offer your business?

Quite often we see really nice looking websites that are great as a branding exercise, but do little as a sales tool.

  • How do your visitors behave on your website? 
  • Do they respond to your calls to action 
  • Do they follow the breadcrumb trail that leads them to buying in to your product/service/brand? 

It is no longer enough for a company to have a web presence - your website needs to to compete effectively on the internet with your competitors and meet the needs of your customers - new and existing.

Imagine a television that is not quite tuned in and it's running an advert for a company. The viewer sees lots of interference, noises and distractions that distort or prevent them from receiving the messages the advert is trying to get across. The viewer quickly gets impatient / annoyed and either switches off or finds something else to watch.

A website is not so different. Your sales messages must be clear and effective - free from distraction, your calls to action must work both functionally and intuitively, and your sales process must be easy and stress free. If your website fails on any of these fundamental requirements, your website and business will under achieve and your competitors will benefit.

During the marketing audit we will analyse and answer the following questions:

  • How does your site compare to your competitors? 
  • Where are your visitors are coming from? 
  • What type, quantity and quality of traffic does your website currently receive? 
  • What return on investment (ROI) are you achieving from your website in its current form?
  • How readable is your site? 
  • Who are you pitching to? 
  • Is the wording of your site correct for your target audience? 
  • How many of your visitors leave your site; where and why do they leave? 
  • How do your current visitors navigate through your site? 
  • Are there any trends or changes in visitor behaviour?
  • What is your current conversion rate from visitor to engaged visitor/customer?

Included in the marketing audit are:

  • 24 checkpoint tests, with explanations
  • Online marketing and brand analysis
  • SWOT
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Conversion rate and CTA (call to action) analysis
  • A prioritised action plan to address any issues found

Can you afford not to have a marketing audit?


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