Website Conversion Troubleshooting

Low conversion rates are the bane of many websites today.

Often people will see the issue as being a lack of quality traffic, or the need to spend more on Pay per Click to bring new visitors to the site.

This couldn't be further from what you need to focus on.

More traffic equals the same problem, just bigger!

Example: If you convert 2 people in 100 then 98% of people leave your site without converting. If you then bring 10,000 visitors to the site, 200 sales may seem like a lot - but what about the 9,800 people who left the site without converting?

Raising and fine tuning conversion rates is crucial to ensure maximum return on your advertising spend. If you spend time raising your conversion rate from 2% to 10% for instance, that would be 1000 sales instead of 200 (using the figures above).

Conversion TroubleshootingIt may take just an hour of your time, or a small budget to optimise your conversion rates - but the rewards you can reap as a result can pay for this many times over.

Don't spend another penny on bringing traffic to your website until you are SURE that your conversion rates are the best they can be.


Conversion Troubleshooting Case Study

(names removed for reasons of confidentiality)

A customer came to us last year with a website that had been running for just over 2 years. The website was a brochure type site and both the design and content reflected their offline advertising. In the 2 years the website had been running, the customer had seen minimal response from it.

We took a look at the site and the server log files, the company's current competitors' websites and the search engine placements the company had achieved on major engines.

To the untrained eye there were problems with the website, but it wasn't immediately obvious to the company where they should start in addressing them. They thought a redesign would be best.

We were able to analyse and summarise the information for the customer and put it in to a full management report, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of both the concept of the website, and the website itself. Based on this we worked with the customer on a 12 month strategy and development plan for the website, with monthly performance analysis and campaign tracking.

The website now accounts for 65% of all new business the company receives, and repeat orders are up by 95%.

The customer spent just £1500 on this analysis, and this cost has been covered many times over by the increase in business and brand awareness that our new strategy and development plan provided.

Interestingly enough, the overall design of the website stayed the same - this was not the cause of the problems, and had the company changed the design as they had intended, based on what they thought were the issues, they would have not only wasted their budget, they would have failed to address any of the issues that were preventing them from successfully marketing their business on the internet.

A change of design for the website might have seemed like the answer, but in fact such a change would have had dramatic knock on effects - not least the cost of printing new brochures, letterheads and business cards.

The cause of the main problems were usability and weak/diluted calls to action.

Optimising the calls to action and content to focus on conversion of visitor to customer was all this client needed.

Without competent analysis of existing information and data, it is very easy to spend your marketing budget unwisely and create more problems than you solve.

Sadly there are many companies out there willing to build you the website equivalent of "The Emperor's New Clothes" without ever indentifying the real causes of issues your current website has.

Don't let this happen to you - we can help you improve your website and increase your conversion rates.

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