Usability testing

Is your website easy to use?

If your website is difficult to use, you may alienate your visitors and cause the site to perform badly at converting visitors to customers.

An easy to use site has obvious and consistent navigation, strong calls to action and good visitor segmentation.

The visitor should be led along a path through your web site which provides them with enough information to enable them to make a "no brainer" decision to convert from visitor to engaged visitor/customer. If your website is not doing this, we can help you improve it.


What are calls to action and why do you need them?

A call to action is cue for the site visitor to carry out a particular task such as buy a product, join a newsletter, phone a hotline or similar. If your site has no calls to action; or weak, untargeted or diluted calls to action, your site will not just be ineffective as a marketing tool, but also harder for your visitors to use. When a site is hard to use, it will suffer from unnecessarily low visitor to customer conversion rates.

Low conversion rates can often indicate visitor frustration and a site that is hard to use or understand.


About our testers

We have a team of website testers ranging from experienced internet users to complete novices, some with disabilities and some without.

We can also provide video tracking, heat maps, click maps and more. Usability testing does not need to be complex or expensive.

Let us help you improve your website today.

Not sure what to do next?

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We can help you improve your website.

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