Accessibility testing

Accessibility testingHave you created unnecessary barriers around your website?

Whilst online testing tools can help give some indication as to whether a site may be usable and/or accessible for the majority of your visitors, it is no replacement for testing your website with real people.

We have a team of testers available who have a range of browsing needs and/or disabilities, such as:

  • keyboard only
  • screen reader
  • head wand 
  • text enlargement
  • high contrast colours
  • enlarged font

Our testers range from complete novice / technophobe web users to experienced internet professionals and are of varying ages from 12 to 70+ years old

When testing with our team, you can specify the types of tasks you expect site visitors to carry out, and our team of testers will tell you how easy or difficult they found your website when trying to complete the tasks you set. They will also give feedback on the site in general, including the design and structure of the site.

Sighted testers will feedback on the design; visually impaired testers will feed back on any obstacles or hinderances they found in the structure of the content. All testers will feed back on how effective the calls to action* were for them.

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*A call to action is cue for the customer carry out a particular task such as buy a product, join a newsletter, phone a hotline or similar. If your site has no calls to action, or weak / untargeted calls to action, you risk the site becoming a passive collection of information that may not convert visitors to customers.

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