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Please find below a list of frequently asked questions about Google Street View virtual tour photography for businesses.

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Google Street View virtual tours for business are an extension of Google Streetview. Using Streetview technology a Google Maps Street View virtual tour brings Street View into your business, letting new and potential customers ‘see inside’ your premises.

It is a well known fact that when people are looking to buy a new product, visit a new store or engage with an unknown business, their first port of call is often a Google Search.

No other form of advertising offers direct engagement right from search results, to demonstrate what you can offer and entice the visitor to choose you over your competitors via a fully interactive and immersive, state of the art virtual tour provided by Google.

A Google Street View virtual tour is linked from Google Search, Google Maps, Google Plus, Google my Business & Google Street View, giving the broadest reach for your tour, plus at no extra cost you can embed the finished tour into your own website and social media pages.

The tour is a low cost, one-off fee and once you have your tour, you can choose to keep it forever with no further changes or charges as it will be hosted by Google for free, or you can periodically update it with a reshoot, to show off your premises at different times of the year, such as when it is decorated for holidays and special events. 

We have a video testimonial on our Portfolio page, where you can hear from real customers who have had a tour done as they share their results and feedback, both their own and feedback from their customers.

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Prices start from £250 plus vat for up to 10 panoramas. This is usually suitable for a small to medium sized shop or single room premises.

Prices recommended by Google for larger tours are £500 for up to 20 panoramas, and £750 for up to 40 panoramas. Extra large tours or tours with added complexity can be quoted / negotiated once we have seen the area/s to be included, or floor plans have been provided.

The price for this unique service represents excellent value for money when compared with traditional advertising. You receive a commercial photography service, full virtual tour creation, copyright ownership of all photography to use in your marketing, plus the tour is hosted for free by Google, right across the Google Network, including Google Maps, Google Streetview, Google My Business, Google Plus and Google Search. You can embed the tour in your own website at no further cost, and can add them to your social media pages also.

We offer a free quotation service, so please do get in touch if you would like a no-obligation price for a Google Maps Business View virtual tour of your business.

Special Offers

The price recommended by Google represents excellent value for money when compared with traditional advertising methods. No other form of promotion offers the coverage you would enjoy with Google Search, Google Plus, Google My Business, Google Maps & Google Streetview.

All photography is commercial grade and passes Google's strict quality control before publishing. All of this photography becomes yours to reuse in marketing as required. 

That said, sometimes we do have special offers running which reduce the price. We also offer competitive deals for multiple locations and chains. 

If you would like to be notified of when our special offer discounts are running please fill in the short Special Offers form.

Your Privacy

Any details provided to us via our forms will only be used for the purpose detailed and will never be sold or loaned to 3rd parties. You can unsubscribe at any time as any and all emails sent by us will include an automatic unsubscribe link for your peace of mind and privacy.

Google Maps Street View virtual tours show public areas of the premises that people would see if they visited you. 

What is included in the virtual tour is completely within your control, and blurring can be added to hide sensitive regions of the premises, or any equipment and products you do not wish to be shown.

Google Street View for business has been embraced across the world by high end jewellers, schools, nurseries and other security conscious organisations without negative impact or consequence.

If you would like to discuss any concerns or talk further on this or any other issue relating to Google Maps Street View please do contact us

Google Maps Street View virtual tours offer your new and potential customers the opportunity to see inside your premises prior to their visit using their phone, tablet or computer.

All tours are date stamped.

It is not intended that the virtual tour demonstrates particular stock (though of course it can); the tour shows the quality of the premises, the ambience, and a sample of products that you were selling at the time of the shoot.

Though not required, some businesses choose to have periodic updates to their tours, showing a range of tours through the year, some when they are decorated for holidays, or have holiday related stock. Due to the low cost of a tour shoot, having several through the year can help demonstrate the different stock you have available at different times. Tours can be changed and reused at different times of the year if you have more than one.

If you would like to discuss this further, please do get in touch

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As a Google Trusted Photographer, our director, Samantha Mignano is certified by Google to photograph your business premises, create a virtual tour from the shots and then upload and link to the Street View system. Your Google Maps Street View virtual tour can be as small or large as you wish in terms of facilities you might like to showcase. Prices start from just £250

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