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Conscious Solutions

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Conscious Solutions provide specialist web solutions for their legal sector clients.

Conscious Solutions have worked with Beyond Metrix on a number of our law clients websites over the past few years. We offer our clients an independent website audit prior to any work being carried out to ensure that they spend their web and marketing budgets carefully and in the right place. Samantha has carried out SEO audits on many of our clients, and gone on to assist our own team, and clients directly with their search engine optimisation. Our clients have been very happy with the audit work carried out, and even happier with SEO work carried out post audit.

One client for example, still holds top positions on very competitive, high traffic phrases relevant to their business following Samantha's SEO work done on their site over 9 months ago. This work, coupled with her advice for long term maintenance of positions has meant that our client, for a relatively small fee, has achieved and maintained many top 10 relevant, organic search engine positions for competitive high traffic phrases. The client has enjoyed a direct increase in targeted traffic to the site as a result of the top positions achieved. Holding the number one spot on Google for their primary search term has not only helped to improve brand association of the law firm with the much sought after phrase, but also it has meant that they have not had to purchase expensive PPC advertisements to appear on the first page anymore.

Samantha has a wealth of knowledge on SEO and websites built up over the past 17+ years. She has helped to troubleshoot search engine listing problems for clients in minutes. On one occassion she provided invaluable advice on how to fix an issue a client had where search engine descriptions were being pulled from an old DMOZ directory listing which was causing all sorts of problems. Taking her expert advice on this issue meant the matter was resolved quickly and efficiently with just a simple tweak to the code needed.
Having Sam's advice and expertise on hand when needed has proved a valuable addition to the Conscious team as she happily shares her knowledge with others and is able to communicate in a knowledgeable but jargon free way.

David Gilroy, Conscious Solutions

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